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The Chinese house church is one of the most misunderstood and controversial subjects in Christian world missions today. Questions about it abound, such as…

  • How did it start?
  • How does it work?
  • How is it led?
  • Why does it continue to experience revival?
  • Is it necessary, now that China has extended religious freedoms?

Much of the confusion is caused by the Chinese government, which deceives journalists and foreign missionaries with promises of religious freedom that are never kept. The truth is, the house churches of China are growing at a phenomenal rate. Never in the history of the world have so many people in such a short time left one belief system for another without a hostile revolution. Lives in China are being transformed daily by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the display of His miraculous power.
The Underground Church demystifies the Chinese house church movement, with real-life examples and personal testimonies from Chinese Christians. The movement’s unique characteristics—both good and bad—are addressed, as well as how they have led to the church’s astonishing growth.
Read and be amazed at what God is doing in China!



Eugene Bach & Brother Zhu

About the Author

Eugene Bach and Brother Zhu are pseudonyms for two members of the Chinese underground church who do not wish to be identified.


If you want to better understand the move of God inside China, The Underground Church is a great read.
—David L. Meyer, CEO, Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries
Author Eugene Bach takes us inside the church movement that sparked the largest revival the earth has ever seen. What’s more, he does not write as an outsider. Instead, he explains from firsthand experience details about the house churches, much of which has never before been published.
—Billy Humphrey, Director, International House of Prayer Atlanta
On my first visit to the underground church in China, I was struck by the raw courage of its members. I remember being ready to teach when the Holy Spirit came and called many of the young men and
women to martyrdom; those not called were disappointed! It is their courage, their passionate commitment to Jesus, and their total sacrifice of self that sets them apart, and it is our privilege to partner with them. If you take it to heart, this book will transform your life.
—Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jan Ransom MBE, Director, Flame International
The Underground Church gives an unparalleled perspective into the revival and the emergence of the House Church movement. I have had the privilege of being able to travel and minister in China for
the last thirty years and have been able to experience the growth of this enormous revival firsthand. I was deeply touched by this book and can give it my warmest recommendation. The Underground
will inspire you and challenge you. As a Chinese pastor said to me recently, “If God can send a revival like this to China,He can send one anywhere.”
—Eivind Froen, Missions Strategist, Founder of YWAM Norway
In the West, we have problems grasping what is really going on in the most populated country in the world. Eugene gives us a unique, insight into the things God is doing in China. We learn how the church has been organized, and we get to know about many of the underground networks. We get to hear about the miracles in Bible printing, evangelism, and church planting. At the same time, the book is not hiding the human weaknesses and challenges. In spite of difficulties, these churches are all consumed with one thing:
“How can we fulfill the Great Commission and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every people group?”
—Noralv Askeland, Director, Ministries Without Borders Philippines
The Underground Church is written by someone in the field who has years of experience with the House Church movement in China. For the first time, we get an inside view and a little grasp of this great work God has developed under severe circumstances. Having traveled multiple times within this network of churches and seen firsthand the work of God, and having personal friendship with the authors, I can verify the trustworthiness of this book. Enjoy your reading.
—Erik Jensen, AsiaLink Norway, National leader, Foursquare Norway



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